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Board of Directors

The Pantry is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors that meets approximately eight times a year. In addition to board members and director duties, board members work as volunteers, doing pantry maintenance, tracking food supplies, ordering and picking up food, collecting food at food drop-off places and running fundraisers as well as paperwork, advertising and finances.

The board is comprised of professionals in various fields such as law, finance, technical, administration, education, various other professional occupations, and retirees. All members reside in Tewksbury or work in Tewksbury and are non-paid volunteers. Our present board:

William Welch - President and Director
Jay Arthur - Vice President and Director
Jim Carter - Treasurer and Director
Pat Carter - Secretary and Director

Michael Bello
Ray Bowden
JW Buckley
Pat Cavanaugh
Robert Doyle
Edward Flanagan
Patty Haversat
Todd Johnson
Jennifer Karp
Paula Phenix
Chris Vollmar
Colmon Wong


The Pantry is able to continue because of the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. Volunteers sort and check food for expiration dates, fill boxes, bags of can goods, pick up food at The Lowell Food Bank, help with food drives, and work on the three distribution days.

At all times, our volunteers provide confidential assistance to everyone who receives food and client information is never given out. We strive to maintain anonymity of clients and preserve the dignity of all those who come to the pantry. Please call the Pantry at (978) 858-2273 or send an e-mail to volunteer@tewksburypantry.org to inquire about volunteering.



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